Hiking In The Berkshire’s Campbell Falls State Park

Colorful leaves, a gentle stream, and stunning 50-foot waterfall are just a few of the pleasures of hiking through Campbell Fall State Park in autumn. The park is located in Norfolk, Connecticut, just a 20-minute drive from Staveleigh House Bed and Breakfast.

Hiking boots atop a bed of colorful fall leaves.Fall hiking is always a pleasure—cooler days, no bugs, trees ablaze in color—and this trek is especially lovely. Though visitors can take a short 5-minute walk straight to the falls, the more enjoyable way is to begin at the main park entrance on Tobey Hill Road off Route 272. The path itself cuts through Connecticut to Massachusetts to Connecticut and back to Massachusetts before reaching the falls. Not to worry, it’s all gorgeous no matter what state you’re in!

The hike begins with a peaceful walk through a hardwood forest, a chance to enjoy changing trees and chirping birds. It then takes a downhill dip to the falls. The falls is fed by the Whiting River and is a magnificent spectacle. Water cascades down about 100 feet to the main waterfall, a dramatic and forceful 50-foot spill. The deafening sound and spraying mist enhance the drama of being near to nature’s force. The hike is not long—it’ll take about 15 minutes each way—so it allows you time to soak in the pleasures along the way and at the falls.
Campbell Falls State Park
385 Burr Mountain Road, Torrington, CT

A few miles after leaving Campbell Falls State Park, as you’re heading back towards the B&B, you’ll come to Haystack Mountain. You can park here and take another short hike up the mountain road and dirt trail to an old stone tower at top. From here, you’ll have a panoramic 360-degree view of the surrounding valleys and mountains with brightly colored trees sprinkled in amid the tall pines.

Before heading out, check with us at Staveleigh House and we can give you places to stop for lunch in Norfolk or places to get picnic fixings in case you want to bring your lunch to the park with you. Visit during October and you can take advantage of our Staveleigh House Fall Foliage Special. Stay two or more weekday nights (Sunday through Thursday, excluding Columbus Day) and get 25% discount on your reservation. Call today or book online!

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