Hiking Race Brook Falls Trail In The Berkshires

It may not be the easiest of our local hikes, but the Race Brook Falls Trail is definitely one of the prettiest. The enjoyable trek is a highlight of a visit to Mt. Everett State Reservation here in the Berkshires.Cascading waterfalls coming down over dark rocks and falling into a pool below.

The trailhead is not far from Staveleigh House, off Route 41 (we can give you specific directions). The path starts at the parking area and from there, winds and climbs to five different waterfalls. The lowermost falls is about three-quarters of a mile in on a wide, smooth path. Framed by hemlock trees, this beauty drops nearly 100 feet. Continue on the trail and you’ll come to the second waterfall, a photogenic horsetail drop down a steep ledge, ending in a shallow pool below. Number three and four waterfalls are a combination of plunges, cascades, and horsetails—all offering great photo ops. The last of the falls challenges the hiker to do a little bit of bushwacking, but it’s well worth it. The three-tiered Race Brook Falls is a breathtaking reward for all your effort. The lush surroundings, cascading water and wading pools are a slice of paradise.

The hike to all five falls is 1.3 miles one-way, with an elevation of 850 feet, including many ups and downs. While not technically difficult, the trail does include crossing a stream or two and some rocky terrain, so hikers should be prepared. Should you choose to continue on after reaching the top waterfall, Race Brook Falls Trail meets up with the Appalachian Trail in about another quarter mile. Linking with this, hikers can add the peaks of Mt. Race and Mt. Everett to their day’s accomplishments.

Race Brook Falls Trail
Mt. Everest State Reservation
43 East St., Mt. Washington , MA

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