Berkshires’ SoCo Creamery Is So, So Delicious!

There is ice cream, and then there is SoCo Creamery. The long-standing company in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, is an ice cream lover’s dream-come-true. And in a recent survey, SoCo Creamery was named the number one ice cream shop in Western Massachusetts.Photo of the SoCo Creamery shop.

Ever since the first batches were churned in 1989, SoCo Creamery was determined to do things the right way; to create ice creams that were all natural, with products that were sourced locally. The company had a deep desire to protect the health of the planet and soon became leaders in the fresh-sourced, farm-to-table movement.

All SoCo Creamery ice creams are made with hormone-free milk and cream from farms in New England; pure non-GMO cane sugar and raw honey from local farms; and the sweetest, most delectable berries to be found. Brownies and cookies are homemade and caramel is hand-stirred—all examples of the wonderful attention to detail that sets SoCo apart.

A tabletop filled with cups of different ice creams.The result is a line of ice creams and sorbets that are outrageously good. Stop by the Great Barrington shop to enjoy one of 24 different ice cream flavors, Two scoops of black raspberry ice cream in a sugar cone.including favorites such as Dirty Chocolate, a super rich blend made with three types of chocolate; creamy Black Raspberry; and the addictive Mission Fig. Lisbon Lemon and Alphonso Mango are two of the refreshing sorbets the company makes, all of which are dairy free and vegan.

Cone, cup, pint—any way you scoop it, SoCo Creamery is delicious! 

SoCo Creamery
5 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA
Daily, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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Photos courtesy of SoCo Creamery.

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