Explore the Housatonic River With Berkshire Canoe Tours

The best way to fully appreciate the beauty of the Housatonic River is to glide along as it twists and turns through the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts. And the best way to do that is with folks who know the water like the backs of their hands: Berkshire Canoe Tours.

Photo of a canoe pointing into a tree-lined river, ready for a tour.The Housatonic River stretches from western Massachusetts to Western Connecticut, cutting through the Berkshires and supplying us with endless hours of enjoyment. Berkshire Canoe Tours, a family owned and operated business based in Lenox—a 30-minute drive from Staveleigh House—is a prime resource for those who prefer not to go it alone. All its tours are led by experienced guides and are suitable for first time paddlers as well as more experienced boaters.

Paddling trips, which start at Deckers Landing in Lenox, provide a relaxing way to enjoy the meandering river. You’ll find photo ops around every bend as you paddle between banks lined with cottonwood and sycamore trees, ferns and spicebushes. Keep an eye out for fauna—it’s plentiful along the river and could include everything from red-tailed hawks to great herons, beavers, and painted turtles.

Tours run approximately 1½ to 2 hours; just the right amount of time to get a little exercise and soak in a whole lot of Berkshire beauty.

Berkshire Canoe Tours
320 New Lenox Road, Lenox, MA
Adults, $50; Child, $30
Guided tour cost includes canoe, paddle, and personal safety equipment.

There are several tours offered every day. Stay with us at Staveleigh House, and we’ll make sure you enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading out for your fun-filled day. Call us today to book your stay!

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