Hiking Monument Mountain In The Berkshires

We can’t say that it was the vistas from atop that inspired the likes of Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne, but we do know hiking Monument Mountain was a favorite past-time of both. Whether you’re a budding writer or just someone who loves soaking in nature, this is a great spot to try.A man with a backpack and stocking cap looking out at the mountains at sunrise.

Monument Mountain is off Route 7, just north of Great Barrington and about 10 miles from Staveleigh House. Geology buffs will be interested to know it’s composed mostly of pale quartzite. There are three miles of well-maintained trails that go from the parking lot up to Squaw’s Peak, a 720-foot climb in altitude that, while not difficult, will definitely burn some calories! The rewards are well-worth it though, as the views are expansive and spectacular.

The three trails link and range in length from just over a half-mile to one-and-a-half miles. If you enjoy a bit of history with your hike, try the Indian Monument Trail. It’s the longest and less steep, and passes by remains of ancient native American trails, old horse and carriage roads, stone walls from former pastures, and other remnants of long past life. Hickey Trail is steeper and the most direct route to the top. Both of these trails meet up with the Squaw Peak Trail, which provides some of the mountain’s best views.

Monument Mountain
Route 7, Great Barrington, MA
Open year-round, sunrise to sunset
$5 parking few

Stay with us at Staveleigh House and we’ll make sure you get a hearty breakfast before heading out for a day on the mountain. We’ve got great tips too for places to grab a picnic to-go.

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