A Visit To Herman Melville’s Arrowhead

One of the many authors who have called the Berkshires home was Herman Melville. A New York City native, Melville first visited the Pittsfield, Massachusetts, area in the 1830’s and returned years later to live and work.

A stack of old worn book with an old-fashioned fountain pen resting on top of them.In 1850, Melville bought 160 acres of land in the country. He called the place Arrowhead, due to the number of native artifacts he found on the farm. It was while living here that he wrote his most famous novel, Moby Dick. Over the years, Melville sold parts of the property to pay his debts, eventually selling what remained of the farm to his brother. After a series of other owners, the Berkshire Historical Society bought Arrowhead in 1975.

For the past 40-plus years, the society has restored the space and buildings, including repairing the piazza, painting the original house and replacing the front porch, restoring Melville’s study, and rehabilitating the barn. As with most restoration projects, the work is never done!

Melville’s home and property are open for guided tours from mid-May to October, offering visitors a glimpse at the historic barn and house, including Melville’s study.

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead
780 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, MA
Open May 21 – October, 2018
Tours: adults, $15; seniors, $13; students, $10; children, $8
For tours at other times of the year, call for an appointment

There is a reason so many authors and artists settle here in the Berkshires—it’s just so inspiring! Come enjoy a taste of it at Staveleigh House.

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