Creativity on Display At Berkshires Animagic Museum

Chances are, you have never been to a museum quite like Animagic. Known as the Museum of Animation, Special Effects, and Art, Animagic is a tour through the workings of creativity.

Eugene Mamut standing in front of shelves filled with memorabilia.

Eugene Mamut and memorabilia

Animagic is the brainchild of visual artist Irina Borisova who’s work includes puppets, costume design, theater sets and posters; and her husband Eugene Mamut, a special effects expert who has worked on movies, including The Blue Lagoon, Ladyhawke, and Predator. Fans of movies and anyone who gets a kick out of how things are made will enjoy a walk through the museum. Even better, they’ll get a chance to create their own animated movie.

Animagic is open daily and free to the public, but you’ll need to schedule an appointment to visit. Once there, visitors view a range of the work done by Ms. Borisova and then are taken on a tour of the museum. Included on the brief 20-minute tour are the special effects history in the Berkshires, original models of special effects used in well-known movies, an Academy Award won by Mr. Mamut, and a behind-the-scenes look at the technologies that are used for movies such as The Matrix and X-Men.

A man filming with his movie camera on a tripod.Following this, visitors have the opportunity to create their own animation. During a two-hour session, participants will get to create a model; make an animated movie; record it to a computer; add sound, music, and a title; and have it uploaded to YouTube. While the museum is free, there is an additional fee to do the workshop.

Museum of Animation, Special Effects and Art
135 Main Street, Lee, 01238

As you can see, the Berkshires are full of all kinds of wonderful surprises—just one more great reason to plan a stay at the Staveleigh House!


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