Big Elm Brewing: Crafting Beer With Community Spirit

Sheffield’s own Big Elm Brewing has its business here in town, and this is where its heart lies too. Named for a 400 year-old tree that was once the gathering spot for the community—and located just at the end of their street—the brewing company shares that spirit of togetherness with its neighbors.

A glass of amber beer with a man's hand reaching down for it.

Photo: Pawel Kadysz/UnSplash

Former owners of the Pittsfield Brew Works, partners Bill and Christine decided to move from the restaurant business and concentrate on making beer. After some renovations and with the help of family and friends, they opened Big Elm Brewing in 2012. Five years later, they’re happily brewing and we locals are happily sipping.

Five standards anchor their beer lineup: Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale; a west-coast style IPA with tinge of citrus; Gerry Dog Stout made with dark malt and oatmeal; an easy drinking American Lager; an Lion’s Ale brewed in the English amber style. Big Elm also brews seasonal specialties. Currently that includes Fat Boy, super-hopped up Double IPA; and the Transformer IPL, an India Pale Lager that’s a punchy mix of hops and easy-drinking lager.

Stop by the brewery on Saturdays for a free tour. On Thursday through Saturday afternoons, when the Tap Room is open, you can enjoy a pint or grab some beer to go—Big Elm sells its brews by the four- or six-pack and fills growlers as well.

Throughout the year, Big Elm Brewing shows its community spirit by sponsoring programs and and joining promotions with local nonprofits. In May, the company donated 10% of all Tap Room sales to our town library and in June they teamed up to help raise money and support for the Berkshires Volunteers in Medicine. Here’s a toast to all they do!

Big Elm Brewing
65 Silver Street, Sheffield, MA
Tap Room Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

If the idea of sipping a cool one while lounging in a hammock or relaxing on the porch sounds inviting, give us a call to book a stay soon!

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